Health promoting properties

50-year-olds and dietary supplements

50-year-olds and dietary supplements How to create a good routine for good health and a stronger body Men over 50 can greatly benefit from taking supplements such as krill and fish oil daily to maintain good health. These oils are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for the heart, brain and joints. The [...]

This is how Kirsti got her life back

This is how Kirsti got her life back Kirsti is 69 years old and has been troubled by laxity and low energy for much of her life. Kirsti had been tired and exhausted for as long as she could remember, but after she got covid it got even worse. Even the simplest tasks felt like [...]

Why Nordic Light Krill & Fish Oil is good for your health

Why Nordic Light Krill & Fish Oil is good for your health There are many reasons why the contents of the small, red capsules have a positive effect on your body. The unique combination in the capsules contains, among other things, one of the most powerful antioxidants we know - Astaxanthin, Omega-3,6 and 9, and [...]

Health promoting properties

Nordic Light Krill & Fish Oil Nordic Light Krill & Fish oil CAN be good for, among other things, the heart, brain, skin and joints, which can also strengthen memory and learning. The product contains Astaxanthin - a super-antioxidant that CAN have a number of positive effects on health. Nordic Light Krill & Fish oil [...]

For the health of people and the world

Video presentation of Aker Bio MarineCatching and management Krill is one of the planet's largest biomasses. This small crustacean, found in all oceans, has an important position in the marine food chain. Through millions of years of evolution, krill's bioactive components and molecules have sustained nature's diverse species. The Antarctic krill fishery is one of [...]
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