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Arctic Light Products AS is a Tromsø-based trading company, which was founded in 2010 and the name was approved following a recommendation from Innovation Norway. The products are sold and marketed under their own name, “Nordic Light Krill and Fish oil”.

The founder of the product is Arild Karlsen, he had a long career in fishing before he got involved in Arctic Krill.
Arild started his career in the food industry after becoming interested in research on the fatty acids in marine oils. He knew there was a long tradition in Norway of eating cod liver oil, where Omega-3 mainly comes from fish liver and not from anchovies and sardines.

When he discovered that there were some nations that started fishing for krill because of its enormous source of marine phospholipids, Arild contacted the Norwegian company Aker Biomarine, which was the largest in Norway in catching krill.

He made contact and got to know the company, the sales organization and their researchers. Based on their deep knowledge of how fatty acids in marine oils can help people establish, develop and maintain good health; the company Arctic Light Products AS decided to offer the market a unique mixture of highly concentrated fish oil from the fish meat and mixed it with Krill oil – “Nordic Light Krill and Fish oil”

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